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Reverend Kathleen Spicer and Two Hearts One Love can also assist you with a professional vocalist and has access to various talented musicians for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour or Reception.

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ou with programmed (prerecorded) Ceremony Music

The Basics about Ceremony, Cocktails and Reception Wedding Music:

What is the purpose and what music should I choose?

First of all, the music sets the tone, the mood, and the tempo of your wedding – the music is to your ears as color is to your eyes. Second, music is an auditory cue that guides the participants through the entrance and exit process. Music is an important part of your ceremony, from your first step down the aisle to the moment you are pronounced husband and wife. “No other single element of your celebration has the power to move your guests and engage the emotions of all in attendance, the way beautiful music does”. Do you prefer Formal/Traditional? Casual? Hawaiian/Tropical? Rock? Fifties/Sixties Music? Jazz? Big Band Era? Because we do have an extensive library of pre-recorded music, we are able to provide you with just the right music you are looking for.

Let us program all your favorite music to be played during your ceremony. Furthermore, we can give you the benefit of a PA System so ALL your guests can hear ALL the special words that will be spoken on your special day.

This complete service: $200.00 (inclusive) up to one hour of music

  1. PRELUDE: The prelude is the period of time before the ceremony begins. During this prelude, your guests will be arriving and taking their seats. You want to make sure that there is music playing as soon as your first guests arrive so you should begin playing your prelude music as early as possible. Prelude music sets the tone for your wedding and gives your guests their first impression of what type of ceremony to expect. You may want to choose chamber music pieces for a formal ceremony, or smooth jazz for a less formal ceremony. In general, the music should be non-intrusive.
  2. PRE-PROCESSIONAL: The pre-processional is the time just before the procession of the wedding party begins. This is the time when important family members, such as the grandparents, mother-of-the groom and mother-of-the-bride, are ushered to their seats. Changing the music from prelude to pre-processional lets your guests know that the ceremony is about to begin and is a way to honor family members who are especially important to you.
  3. PROCESSIONAL: Processional music is played as the bridal party walks down the aisle. When the wedding party appears at the top of the aisle, the music should switch from pre-processional to processional. The processional pace should have a tempo that allows the bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk down the aisle at a measured pace and heightens the suspense for the wedding guests as they wait to see the bride.
  4. BRIDE’S ENTRANCE: As soon as the bride appears at the top of the aisle, the music should switch to the piece you have chosen for the bride’s entrance. This is the moment that you, and all of your guest, have been waiting for. Your music should be dramatic and sweeping. Feel free to consider music besides the traditional wedding march, such as instrumental versions of favorite ballads and contemporary love songs.
  5. ** CEREMONY MUSIC: Using music during your ceremony is a personal choice. You may have a favorite song played softly as background music throughout the ceremony while others may take a break in the ceremony to have a favorite piece of music in place of a reading.
  6. ** UNITY CANDLE LIGHTING: The candle has no religious significance so can be used in ceremonies of every denomination. Many couples chose to set the lighting of their unity candle to music. You may want to consider having a favorite song or a special hymn to play as background music or having a vocal song that has significance to you as a couple.
  7. RECESSIONAL: As soon as you are pronounced husband and wife, your recessional music will begin. This is the moment you and your new spouse will walk back up the aisle. You should choose music that is joyous and conveys your feelings of excitement and happiness. There is an unlimited variety of classical and contemporary music to choose from – everything from a traditional wedding march to a contemporary pop song. Use this time to create a feeling of celebration.
  8. INTERLUDE or COCKTAIL TIME PERIOD AFTER CEREMONY: ADDITIONAL HOUR OF PRE PROGRAM MUSIC $100.00. The interlude or postlude is the time between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. The music you choose for the interlude should be non-intrusive to allow for conversation. The interlude may be a good time to showcase your musical tastes.

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